Urban Fruit Review

We’re thrilled to announce that collaborating with BlogConf this year is Urban Fruit. We love our snacks and willing took the bullet to get down and review Urban Fruit’s Strawberry snack.

I always get pretty excited when a huge cardboard box arrives at my desk. It feels like Christmas at BlogConf HQ, because big deliveries can only mean one thing – samples for an upcoming BlogConf event!

Urban Fruit Review

When opening this box there was an absolutely gorgeous woft of strawberries, which low and behold, alerted the vultures, I mean web developers, in the office. We weren’t aware of what flavour of Urban Fruit we were receiving and having always been a fan of the Mango I was pretty excited to see a flavour I’d never tried before.

Urban Fruit is a delicious packet of fruit that is picked when ripe and gently baked without all of the stuff that makes some people hyper. What’s even better is that they’re available in snack pack sizes and count as your 1 a day (getting on the healthy!). It’s also suitable for vegans and those of you looking for something gluten free. Good that isn’t it?

Unlike some packs of fruit I’ve consumed in my life in a bid to claim I’m a clean eater, these are not dry and rubbery that make you feel you need to drink a gallon of water afterwards. The fruit is soft, sweet and after consuming a snack pack, I’m not reaching into my work draw for the secret stash of chocolate (Note for co-workers. I lock my draw before I leave the office). The strawberry pack also tastes like strawberry jam, and what’s not to love about that?

Urban Fruit Review

Shaking up the world of fruit and snacking, Urban Fruit have a variety of flavours (next on our list is pineapple if you fancy sending us some more UF?? :) ) and can be found in a variety of stores such as Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Boots.

In the words of Paulo Nutini, Urban Fruit have definitely come along to our office and funked our lives up, and they will be coming to you in both Glasgow and Leeds goody bags to funk up yours too.

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