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We had a little catch up with Angela who is one of our speakers at our blog event, BlogConf! Angela will be attending our Glasgow event in May and will be talking about free-lancing as a blogger and how to write for magazines as well as givingĀ us all some tips and tricks along the way!


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Angela Esposito


You’ve got a lot of experience in free lancing for blogs, magazines and websites. What has been your favourite contribution?

I think my favorite contribution so far has to be writing forEditor-at-large, an online interior design magazine company in New York City. The piece was about all of the high luxury interior design shows and
conventions around the world. I have a passion for interior design and lifestyle blogging, so this was a dynamite digital article for me to cover.

You studied Journalism for your degree. Did you always know you wanted to go into free lancing and digital marketing?

Initially, I was intended on going to school for international business, but I made a last minute decision to switch over to journalism. Soon I was thrown into live filming, sports news writing and landed an internship at Channel 7 News in Sydney, Australia. I soon realized that I was already conducting some sort of international business of my own when I started writing for publications and blogs in Scotland. Life sort ofthrows you in the right direction after all.

What advice do you have for bloggers who would like to write for a magazine?

Blog constantly and be careful with your words. How often do you pick up a magazine that knocks down a restaurant or slanders a new fashion trend? Of course we can be critical, but we need to be eloquent in our writing. Once your blog is up to its highest-standard, add it to your linked in account and ask magazine publishers to refer to it as your work experience.

Do you have any favourite blogs you enjoy reading?

I love lifestyle blogs and foodie blogs. If I am looking for a new trend in interiors I love reading Abigail Ahern’s blog or Apartment Therapy. If I want to know where to go for food around town I love flicking through the Glasgow Food Geek. I am just starting to read Kelly Hayes’ travel blog at the moment and it is fantastic.

You’ve traveled quite a lot to gain experiences and expand your knowledge. Where was your favourite place to visit and what did you take away from it?

It is in our nature as writers to want to travel and escape from our everyday lives. I have written some fantastic pieces on my experiences through Iceland, Thailand, Costa Rica and Australia, but there is something particularly special about Scotland to me. I took off a couple weeks from my job in NYC and backpacked across Europe where I spent three days in Scotland. I remember feeling a bit of an ache in my chest at the thought I had to get on a plane to Dublin. I think that’s when I knew that I could feel settled here for the first time in my life. It may be corny, but Scotland feels like home and will always be my favorite place I have been.

Thanks, Angela! We’re super excited to hear your talk on free-lancing and contributing to writing for magazines! See you in a few weeks!

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