Here’s a quick and fun interview with Gemma Hughes who will be one of our speakers at our blog event, BlogConf in Glasgow! Gemma will be talking all about SEO, marketing and social media to help bloggers reach the next level of blogging and how you can increase blogger engagement and traffic!
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Gemma Hughes

How does the blogging world impact your daily job?


As a Digital Marketing Executive, blogging plays a huge part in my daily job, whether it’s writing blog posts for clients, finding information for myself, or interacting with established bloggers for campaigns.


Blogging is hugely important for my clients as it’s great for SEO and for providing them with unique content they can share on their sites. However interacting with the blogging community is becoming more and more important as well, as more companies become aware of the benefits of blogger outreach and engagement.


In my current job I’m working with clients to see how they could work with the blogging community to market their businesses. It helps that I’ve run several outreach campaigns as a freelancer and in previous employment, so I can explain the great benefits of working with bloggers!


You run your own blog too, who are your target readers?


My blog is mainly beauty and lifestyle focused, however despite there being elements of travel and wedding chat my site tends to target women of between 18-30 with an interest in makeup. I don’t set out with a specific audience in mind really, I just hope that people with similar interests as me will read my posts and enjoy them.


Do you have any tips that you’ve learnt since you began blogging?


Have fun! There’s nothing wrong with starting a blog with the hope of making money from it some day, but if you don’t enjoy what you are writing about you will lose interest quickly. It takes a lot of commitment to make a blog grow and it’s hard to be committed to something you don’t like. I love rambling about various things, so it was easier for me to write a lifestyle blog rather than picking one topic to write about constantly. It might be harder for me to get noticed with a general blog than it would have been if I’d picked a niche subject but I love what I’m writing about, and that’s what’s important.


What advantages has blogging got to both bloggers and brands?


Bloggers regularly engage with loyal audiences through their blogs, and through social media. They put a lot of effort into creating unique content (posts) that their audience loves and then they spend time promoting these posts. Brands want to reach these audiences. By building relationships and working with bloggers with audiences in their target sectors, they can spread the word about their products and services in one blog post, rather than spending extra time, effort and money on traditional marketing. It will then reach a wider audience when it’s promoted to a blogger’s followers via social media.


Working with bloggers has a positive effect on a brand’s reputation too. When a blogger raves about a product or service in a review, their audience trusts that review (not that a blogger should lie just because it’s a sponsored post, or they’ve been given the item for free – of course!) and as a result, puts more faith in the brand on that recommendation. Getting involved with bloggers is hugely beneficial for brands and businesses trying to reach new audiences.


Working with brands is great for bloggers as it helps you to grow your blog. It also provides unique and interesting content for your blog, and gives you new ways of entertaining your readers, or even allows you to provide a competition. You’ll have great networking opportunities and it can allow you to turn your blog into a career, provided you are successful enough in your campaigns. It can be tempting to say yes to every opportunity that comes along just to get your foot in the door (so to speak!) but you have to remember that you want to build up trust with your audience, and it’s hard to trust someone who raves about every product they are sent no matter what it is.

Thanks, Gemma! We can’t wait to hear your talk in a few weeks on SEO, marketing and driving traffic to your blog!
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